Corficolombiana increased its profits by 16%

Corficolombiana increased its profits by 16%

The second quarter of the year was positive for Corficolombiana Well, in terms of figures, it achieved profits of $625,491 million, 16.3% more than the same period of 2021 and highlighted that as a cornerstone of the corporation’s strategy, this quarter the sustainability models were approved by the boards of directors of its companies. with goals and objectives to 2025.

(The new products that the Fiduciaria Corficolombiana would launch).

The corporation updated the investment policy, including the evaluation of ESG criteria (environmental, social and good corporate governance) in uncontrolled investments: the climate change policy was approved under the TCFD framework, initiating support to all companies for the individual definition of their strategy against change climate.

This topic includes the identification of risks and opportunities and the definition of mitigation and adaptation plans; The social investment strategy that guides the programs and projects that the corporation prioritizes in terms of social investment was approved, and the corporate volunteer program was launched.

Along the same lines, the corporation received the recognition ‘Bringing Banking to Colombians’ in the Sustainability Governance category given by Asobancaria, for its strategy and governance model of sustainability, which brings prosperity, development and progress.

(The new products that the Fiduciaria Corficolombiana would launch).

Through our Sustainable Corficolombiana strategy, we will continue to work hand in hand with our collaborators, clients, suppliers and the communities in the areas of influence, so that our companies continue to contribute in an outstanding way to improving the quality of life of Colombians.s”, affirmed María Lorena Gutiérrez, president of the Corporation. During the report, the complete delivery of the double carriageway of the third third of the Bogotá – Villavicencio highway was highlighted as one of the main milestones of the quarter and important progress was also reported on the Pacific 1 and Villavicencio – Yopal highways.

In the energy and gas sector, the number of users served reached 6.1 million in Colombia and Peru with an annual growth of 9%. In this quarter, Promigas also signed an alliance with Sumitomo Corporation, in order to explore and develop the market for electric mobility with hydrogen in Colombia and Peru.

This implies continuing on the path of the energy transition and in the search for sustainable opportunities in this sector, ensuring the supply of reliable energy at competitive prices.”, said the president, María Lorena Gutiérrez.

In hotels, Estelar Hotels reported occupancy with historical maximums of 68% above the country average, even there were occupations above 70% in several cities.

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In addition, as part of its sustainable strategy, initiatives are carried out at the national level to meet the objectives for mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions.

in June of this yearthe photovoltaic solar generation system was inaugurated at the Intercontinental Hotel in Cali, which has 438 panels and means the reduction of 45.2 tons of carbon dioxide per year. In the agribusiness sector, Unipalma obtained international RSPO certification for its sustainable palm oil and Pajonales reported higher yields than in 2021 due to the good results of Cálida 22, the internally developed seed.

Corficolombiana announced that at a consolidated level in the second quarter its Ebitda grew by 40.8% ($1.84 billion).

Similarly, BRC Ratings – S&P Global, Sociedad Calificadora de Valores, confirmed the AAA long-term debt rating and the BRC 1+ short-term debt rating.

We are carefully following and analyzing the reforms that the new Government has proposed and we hope that during their discussion in Congress a harmonious balance will be reached between the fiscal needs for social investment, which we all support, and the assurance of a climate of trust and stability that allows the private sector to maintain the levels of investment and growth that made possible an outstanding performance of our economy during the first half of the year”, pointed out the President.


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