Copei wants the CNE in the primaries

Juan Carlos Alvarado, candidate for the Christian Democratic Party Copei to the presidential primaries of a sector of the opposition, supported that the process be carried out by the National Electoral Council (CNE).

Alvarado agreed with the proposal made by the National Primary Commission (CNP), for the CNE to make its machines and equipment available to vote in the primaries.

The Copei standard-bearer indicated that the CNE’s participation is attached to the Constitution and other laws of Venezuela, so it would be the only way to vote.

“There is no other way. To talk about other ideas would be to fill the country with false expectations”, Alvarado highlighted.

He also urged the participants in the primaries to speak out regarding the technical support of the CNE, for which he questioned those who expressed their rejection of the presence of the electoral body: “Now, are they going to call for abstention?”

He also pointed out that the political organization is still waiting for a pronouncement from the CNP in relation to the confirmation of its participation in the choice of a unitary candidate, scheduled for October 22.

Copei is organized

In the same way, Alvarado highlighted that the green awning is structuring each of the political, electoral and territorial teams throughout the country, within the framework of the development of Plan 335, with the objective of forming the Network for the Defense of the Vote, the Activism Network and the Mobilization Network.

In this sense, he highlighted the meeting he held in the Falcón state where the first structure of the Regional Campaign Command was formed; He pointed out that the coordinators of the different areas and the campaign managers of the 25 municipalities of the entity were sworn in. This, in order to be prepared for the moment in which the CNE announces the presidential electoral schedule.

“The Constitution clearly contemplates that the year 2024 may be the process of the presidential election; regardless of the month, regardless of the week”, picks up a press release.

Cabello doubts the parties that criticized the CNE

The first vice president of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), Diosdado Cabello, said this monday “feeling happy” because the primary process will be carried out by the CNE, but doubts the behavior of that sector that has always criticized the National Electoral Council (CNE).

“I am happy because the National Electoral Council (CNE) is holding primaries, but I am sad because they will not be manual and would guarantee cheating among them. It would be necessary to see what those who announced that they would not go to elections with the CNE will do, they are their contradictions. The CNE limits the possibility of cheating, we have to see what those who criticized the CNE will do, they and their contradictions, ”he commented.

As always, Cabello added, “they will make a scandal and burn some boxes because their fear is how many went to vote, that is their fear. The fingerprint scanner is a single vote”.

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