Convicted by Viviana Haeger case is with benefits and can opt for parole

The only one convicted of the crime of the accountant Viviana Hager, Jose Perezis receiving prison benefits while he remains in prison at the Study and Work Center of Osorno, Los Lagos region.

According to slogan Bio Bio Radio, Pérez has served more than two-thirds of his sentence and has had good behavior while in prison, for which the technical councils of the Puerto Montt Penitentiary Complex and the Osorno CET have given him the go-ahead to obtain certain benefits.

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To this is added the possibility that Pérez has to opt for parole in October due to the aforementioned.


Among the benefits that the convict is obtaining from one of the cases that shook Chile, is the very place where he is being held, since the CET maintains a regime of semi-freedom, so that people study and work. Pérez, being a carpenter, adapts perfectly to the place.

In addition, the Osorno Study and Work Center is not a common penitentiary establishment, since the inmates are called users -not inmates- and they sleep in shared bedrooms, not in cells.

Regarding these benefits, the Seremi of Justice and Human Rights of Los Lagos, Enrique Cardenas Inostrozapointed out that “it was defined based on criteria related to their willingness to work, the need for social reintegration, the motivation to change”.

In turn, they joined “psychological, social and behavioral antecedents, which were submitted to a committee, in particular from the Gendarmerie, which defined that these conditions were met, for which it was authorized during the previous administration,” the authority specified. .

Viviana Haeger case

According to the trial, Pérez approached the victim at her home where he tied her hands and then forced her to kneel when they were in her room, to which he finally suffocated her with a plastic bag.

After this fact, he proceeded to hide the body of the accountant in the attic of his home located in Parque Stocker, in Puerto Varas.

Her husband was initially suspected. Jaime Anguitawho was in preventive detention for the crime of parricide, who was finally acquitted by the court and Pérez was only sentenced to 10 years in prison in its minimum degree.

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