Convergence will participate in “the entire electoral route” that begins with the primaries

Biagio Pilieri, national coordinator of the Convergence party, indicated that after June 15 they will inform which candidate they will support for the primaries on October 22. He also carried out some activities to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the political organization, among them: the “Great Tricolor Assembly”, which will bring together hundreds of delegates from 22 states of the country

“We have understood that political change goes through the presidential election. We have reached our 30th anniversary and today, we proclaim that we are convinced that political change is tied to the 2023 primary election. We come to ratify our commitment to the Primary and to the search for the greatest possible union of the citizens who want change”; indicated Biagio Pilieri, national coordinator of the Convergence party, during a press conference held in Caracas.

Pilieri reported that the awning that represents He will participate in “the entire electoral route” that begins with the Primary: presidential, National Assembly elections, governors, mayors, legislative and municipal councils. After June 15 they will tell which candidate will they support for the opposition election, also that they will support whoever is elected after the process of October 22

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Primary with or without CNE

The former mayor of Yaracuy (2000-2004) also assured that a broad debate has been carried out within the party that led to an absolute consensus on what he called 4×10 tricolor plan.

«There are four strategic positions, the first is that Venezuela wants change and goes through the presidential; the second, the Primary is the greatest opportunity to achieve the greatest possible union; and empower whoever is elected as the first choice to win in 2024 and have a new president,” he said.

“We are betting on the success of the primary election. For this reason, we call on the National Electoral Council so that young people can register and voters can update their data in the Electoral Registry, “said the national coordinator Convergence.

30th anniversary and the “Great Tricolor Assembly”

Convergence will celebrate its thirteenth anniversary with a national event in Caracas on June 15, called «The Great Tricolor Assembly 2023″, which will bring together hundreds of party delegates from the 22 states and 251 municipalities where convergence is present.

Finally, Pilieri thanked the different municipal and state councils of the country “who have wanted to recognize the trajectory of work, struggle, perseverance and coherence of the party through special sessions.”

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