Controversial audio of the manager of the Manizales Lottery insulting the mayor of the city

Controversial audio of the manager of the Manizales Lottery insulting the mayor of the city

A few minutes after the Board of Directors of EMSA-Lotería de Manizales suggested to Mayor Carlos Mario Marín, to remove Arturo Espejo from the position of manager of the Lottery, the president complied with the recommendation and signed the decree in which he declares it non-subsistent.

Doctor Carlos Humberto Orozco, Secretary of Health and member of the Board of Directors of EMSA, said that the recommendation to the mayor to remove Mr. Espejo Arbeláez from his position, was due to operational risk, within the Manizales Lotteryand complaints about workplace harassment filed by employees.

And it is that the manager of the Lottery of Manizales, had lashed out with insults, against the mayor of that city, in a scandalous audio that went viral. In that record, held the president responsible for what could happen to him and warned him to tell what he knows about alleged irregularities.

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The voice note that Espejo would have sent to Mayor Marín, says, among other things, the following: “Doctor, you think that I don’t realize things. Bobo is the one who does silly things. Don’t worry, I’ll resign in the next 15 days or in the next two months. You are a loser, an asshole that everyone says, everything you do. And you know what? I don’t lay it down anymore, because it’s good for me until April. You are a ‘carebobo’ and do what you have to do”.

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Later, the manager of the Manizales Lottery, Arturo Espejo, tells the mayor in that audio: “I tell you what the whole city thinks: that you have not been able to get anything done and I am not knocking you down because “your crooked ones” are not good at this moment to act. Then Doctor Carlos Mario Marín, messes with me again, speaks ill of me again and simply has a gigantic problem with me.

The Manizales Lottery is a municipal entity, that is, its manager is subordinate to the mayor.

Regarding the content of the audios of the former manager of the Manizales Lottery, the local president expressed that if the authorities have something to say about him or there is only one test, they will indeed make the decision at some point. ensured that his administration It has no fault of any of its processes.

According to Marín Correa, a discussion like this should never have taken place, because he hopes as president, as a leader, that these situations do not escalate. “The most important thing here is to tell them that one should put themselves in the other’s shoes, that no one should judge the other just because, but rather it should be with facts and true evidence,” he said. He claimed that at this time you are not going to go against a person who needs support.

As manager in charge of the Manizales Lottery, she will temporarily dispatch while her head is appointed, the current Private Secretary of the Mayor’s Office of Manizales, the lawyer Amparo Lottery.

Arturo Espejo and Mayor Carlos Mario Marín they have been close friendsto the point that the father of Mr. Espejo, a builder and militant of the Green party who died during the pandemic, was the one who first promoted the candidacy of the current president of Manizales.

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