Contracts and treaties in discord in the splicing process

Contracts and treaties in discord in the splicing process

Although the merging process between the incoming and outgoing government is progressing mostly smoothly, Some issues have caused tension between the teams of Gustavo Petro and Iván Duque.

(Results of the joint would be known on July 20).

During the third meeting, which was held on July 14, delegates from the incoming government issued warnings about some contracts and treaties and asked to suspend them.

These are sensitive high government issues that include million-dollar contracts, international treaties and even the formation of a key board of directors for the country’s economic support, such as Ecopetrol.

According to what the Investigative Unit of EL TIEMPO learned, that same day the joint team of Gustavo Petro and Francia Márquez sent José Manuel Restrepo, Minister of Finance and head of the Duque joint group, a three-page letter. In it they focus on 10 points and issue harsh warnings to the outgoing administration.

The letter begins by giving a direct recommendation of “Suspend the schedule and adjudication process of the ‘APP Megaproject River Route 5g Restoration of the Degraded Ecosystems of the Canal Del Dique’, until the communities are heard.”

(The economic splice).

This is a contract for 3.09 billion pesos with which it seeks to benefit 1.5 million citizens of 8 municipalities of the Atlantic, 10 of Bolívar and 1 of Sucre.

In their response, Minister Restrepo and Duque’s junction team assured that this project seeks “solve the problems generated by the expansion works in the artificial waterway that connect the Magdalena River for the restoration of the dam channel and flood control” and that there were 16 consultative processes to listen to citizens.

Given the request to suspend the schedule, the current Government assures that it is not possible because a series of claims and requests for compensation would be generated “due to lack of compliance with what was published in the process”.

However, this is not the only issue in dispute. The renewal of the electromagnetic spectrum for 20 years of two telecommunications companies, in charge of the ICT Ministry, has also been an aspect to be discussed in the splicing process, as well as the holding of the extraordinary assembly to modify the terms and set the positions of the current members of the Board of Directors of Ecopetrol.

However, the Government explained that Ecopetrol’s Board of Directors is the body responsible for establishing the corporate strategy, which must be aligned with the vision and objectives established by the Shareholders’ Meeting, and for monitoring management and business risks. .

Another issue that sets off alarms is the Free Trade Agreement between Colombia and the United Arab Emirates.

Meanwhile, President Duque’s team defended this negotiation. “The United Arab Emirates is a clear example of successful diversification of the economy. Its
productive transformation has shown that the use of resources from extractive industries in the generation of activities with greater added value”
They said from the Government.

The splicing continues in some sectors and also the review of millionaire contracts.

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