Consumers maintain a level of mistrust at 62 points

A slight increase of 1 point, compared to the measurement of the month of September of this year, registered the Panamanian Consumer Confidence Index (ICCP); in the measurement of the month of November 2022 when he registered 62 points.

According to the Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture of Panama (CCIAP), in a strategic alliance with The Marketing Group, who presented the report, this new measurement indicates that expectations about the probability of saving money remain at levels of distrust, marking a result of 24 points, with a decrease of 1 point, compared to the measurement of September 2022, which was 25 points.

The president of The Marketing Group, Domingo E. Barrios W., pointed out that “the indicator still maintains the highest level of mistrust reported, with the ability to save and unemployment being the main causes of mistrust among Panamanians.”

The measurement highlights that the perception of unemployment marks an index of 71 points, 6 points above the previous measurement. In this aspect, consumer perception continues to be discouraged, since 57% consider that they will not have a job, 41% think that it is unlikely to obtain one, while 2% believe that it is quite likely that they will.

On the other hand, the expectation of consumers regarding the economic situation of their homes with 79 points remains, below the line of mistrust. It only increased 1 point when compared to September 2022.

The study reveals that the indicator on the prospects for the general economic situation of the country for the next 12 months fell 1 point when compared to September 2022, for November it marked 75 points and remains at levels of distrust.

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