Consumer confidence drop deepens

Consumer confidence drop deepens

The drop is 5.3 ppps, since in October the Consumer Confidence Index was -19.5%.

To measure this indicator, two variables that also show setbacks are taken into account.

The first is the Consumer Expectations Index that dIt decreased 7.2 pps, going from 7.3% to 14.5% between October and November.

For his part, the Economic Conditions index decreased 2.3%. In October it was -37.9% and in November it reached -40.2%.

The survey also shows larger decreases in the willingness to buy housing, durable goods and vehicles.

For example, in the case of cars, for October it was -67.3% and for the following month it went to -70.1%, according to the report presented by Fedesarrollo.
In housing, the decrease is greater, of 6.1 pps, going from -36.6% to -42.7%, respectively.


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