Construction of the Republic of Venezuela school begins in 15 days

The Vice Minister of Education Infrastructure, Ricardo Sánchez, announced that construction work on the Escuela República de Venezuela will begin in the first days of August.

Sánchez explained that the construction had not started, because “the place where the school will be located is on the seashore and we want to guarantee that it is built in a safe way. Therefore, the contractor had four months to deliver the designs and they have already been received by the Ministry of Education. [Meduca]”.

He added that the foundations and structures are being analyzed to give the instruction that work can begin, guaranteeing that the design of that school, which is a large and heavy structure, with four floors throughout the block, the piles reach the solid part and that is the part that is currently in the design.

The new facilities of the Escuela República de Venezuela will have 28 theoretical classrooms, six laboratories, a library, a maximum classroom and a sports area. The Bolívar Commercial Institute, which occupies another part of the building, will have 24 theoretical classrooms, eight for each level, 16 laboratories, a library, a maximum classroom, in addition to other facilities contemplated, in the same way, in the general basic.

The project includes the demolition of the current structures and the construction of an administration area, another for two kindergarten classrooms and four for preschool, as well as three floors. These works will have administrative offices, laboratories, teachers’ lounge, dining room, elevators, library, infirmary, psycho-pedagogical office, sports areas, theoretical, support and preschool classrooms.

In 2017, Meduca ordered the transfer of the students of the Escuela República de Venezuela to alternative schools, due to the conditions of the structure, while, in 2018, the transfer of the educational community of the Instituto Comercial Bolívar proceeded. The investment in both schools is 19.1 million balboas.

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