Construction of the Melitón Salas hospital paralyzed due to irregularities

Construction of the Melitón Salas hospital paralyzed due to irregularities

Like all the works he started Edilberto Salazar Zender when he was manager of the EsSalud Arequipa care network, the construction of the Primary Care Center (CAP) Melitón Salaslocated in San Martin de Socabaya, is paralyzed for an investigation initiated by the Institution’s Internal Control Body (OCI), as well as the Prosecutor’s Office, for alleged irregularities.

The manager of the Arequipa Assistance Network, Yilbert Zevallos, met yesterday with the workers of the assistance center where he gave details of the work that the network has done so far. Macodi company and after the appointment, he indicated that since Two weeks ago no intervention was made.


He explained that payments have been stopped to the company that has executed the 55% of the progress of the work because it has detected irregularities in the projectwho must have been born as a new construction, but what do you know took the form of a serviceas if it were only an extension of an existing structure.

According to what was expressed by Yilbert Zevallos, it is being investigated if there was any benefit or addressing for the company MACODI to be awarded the work. It must also be established who was responsible for this during Edilberto Salazar’s administration.

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“This is a work that was born in past administrations and due to the investigation everything has been paralyzed. The company is not being paid.”Zevallos said.

He added that, due to the work stoppage, MACODI could take them to arbitration to claim payment for services rendered.

“Most likely, that path will be chosen because they claim that they have met the terms of reference, they have made the progress and now they demand that we pay them,” said the manager, who during the meeting with the workers expressed concern that this process could take between one and two years to resolve in order to continue with the work.

  • According to the initial schedule of the work, the works should have finished at the beginning of this year
  • 55 thousand policyholders are treated at the Meliton Salas located in Socabaya

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