Constituent process: Senate Constitution Committee approves advancing the election of councilors to May 7, 2023

The Senate Constitution Commission reviewed this Wednesday a series of indications to the reform project that enables the new constituent process. The instance approved, among other modifications, to advance the elections of the councilors – who will integrate the Constitutional Council -, from May 14, 2023 to the 7th of the same month.

The commission unanimously approved moving that election forward. It also unanimously approved modifying the terms of the Electoral Service (Servel) to close the electoral roll.

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The reform contemplated that the closing of the electoral register was the 120th day before the election. However, the Servel warned that this date was “dangerous”, since it forced Congress to approve the project next week.

Given the warning, the Constitution Commission approved reducing the term to 100 days. With this, Congress must dispatch the reform until January 27.

Likewise, the instance ratified that the plebiscite to rule on the proposal for a new Constitution will be held on December 17, 2023.

The commission also approved indications to limit electoral spending for candidates and members of the Constitutional Council, including those from indigenous peoples, to 1/3 of the total limit for senator candidates.

Among the rejected indications are two that sought to hold an entry plebiscite, an issue that was not considered in the pact, and also a series of indications that sought to establish specific requirements for the members of the different bodies created by this reform.

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