Constituent dialogues: PPD president accuses that no agreement was reached on the day due to “pressure from Amarillos and resistance from RN”

The political parties met this Friday to address the continuation of the constituent process. The day of talks ended tonight and, as has been the case, ended without an agreement. In this regard, the president of the PPD, Natalia Piergentiliaccused that the pact was not achieved due to “pressure from Amarillos” and the “resistance” of RN.

“I want to tell you very responsibly that I believe that today we do not have an agreement due to the pressure from Amarillos and the resistance of Renovación Nacional,” said the PPD helmsman in conversation with the press.

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“I leave deeply disappointed in the role that Amarillos has played in this negotiation,” Piergentili emphasized. Even so, she expressed that “this does not mean that we are going to continue talking.”

Likewise, he pointed out that the ruling party opened “different alternatives, even that electorally we knew that they were going to go against our political forces. Here there was not the necessary generosity.”

stop in dialogue

The stopping point in the dialogues has been the drafting mechanism of the new Constitution. From the ruling party they propose a 100% elected body, while the opposition proposes a mixed one (with experts appointed by Congress and elected people).

The president of the PPD said that this day they proposed “70 elected representatives with 30 experts who have the right to vote in the field of harmonization and transitional regulations. For Chile Vamos, the experts must have the right to speak and vote throughout the process.” .

“We feel that our commitment to the public was a 100% elected body, with a team of experts, which the public has undoubtedly asked for, but that it be a team that accompanies, advises, and harmonizes,” he added.

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