Congress has already approved 84% of the PND in its first debate

Conservative Party and the U get off the health reform project

This week, the government’s health reform proposal was reeling due to the lack of support from the party Liberal. On March 29, the party Conservative and the ‘OR’ They also announced that they were getting off one of the main bets of G.ustavo Petro.

(Health reform: Liberals decided that they will not support the Government).

(Increase in spending hits health, but the sector remains).

Once the presentation of the health reform project has been received, we find that the agreed agreements are not contemplated, for which we will present an alternate presentation that includes the proposals presented by the parties to save lives”, trilled Dilian Francisca Toro, leader of the ‘U’ party. Besides, Efraín Cepeda, president of the Conservative partyannounced that “they will not attend any more meetings with the Government”.

(Fedesarrollo makes a proposal to improve the health system, without reform).

without the support of liberals, conservatives, the ‘U’, Radical change and Democratic Centerthe project would only guarantee seven of the 21 votes required to be approved in the first debate in the Seventh Commission. If that debate does not pass, the project sinks and does not reach plenary sessions.

(The obstacles that the health reform is having).

Without affirming that the article dies until it is voted on, the support it would count on would be four of the Historical Pactone of Commons and dthose of the victims’ seats.


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