Avanza consenso sobre medio ambiente, recursos naturales y cambio climático

Consensus advances on the environment, natural resources and climate change

The Ministry of Environment and Natural Resourcestogether with representatives of the Government, civil society, political parties and the business sector, advanced in the consensus for a consolidated proposal during the thematic table in search of proposals for a “Green Pact for Sustainable Development”, which is directed by the Social Economic Council (ESC).

The meeting held at the facilities of the Pedro Henriquez Ureña National University (UNPHU), stood out for the large influx of people who attended to work on the consensus of the proposals presented, as well as the observations and points to discuss from the different actors who participated in this 4th. meeting.

Among the proposals are: Reach a national agreement to strengthen the Legal Framework for the Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change in the Dominican Republic. A national agreement to establish financing mechanisms for a resilient and low-carbon economy and achieve a national agreement to promote the development of projects considered a priority for the sustainability of the Dominican Republic.

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Orlando Jorge MeraMinister of Environment and Natural Resources, said: “I want to highlight the effort that has been made at these tables, highlight the presence of political parties, civil society, businessmen, from different sectors and that is important to highlight because it is very rarely that these types of meetings take place in which things are said, one can agree with them, disagree with them, but the important thing is that this effort has to yield a result”.

Similarly, other points were presented during the consensus meeting, preparing and submitting a draft Marine Coastal Resources Act with the basic guidelines agreed upon in this thematic table. The strengthening of the regulatory framework and therefore the effectiveness of environmental legislation in accordance with the Constitution, the General Law on the Environment and Natural Resources No. 64-00 and current sectoral laws were also discussed.

The public can verify these dialogue tables, visiting and reviewing each one of the documents that are placed on the page of the ESCfor greater transparency of this process that is carried out with the inclusive participation of all national sectors.

The next thematic table will be held on Wednesday, April 27 at the facilities of the Pedro Henríquez Ureña National University (UNPHU), where the points of the consolidated matrix proposal will continue, to present the consensus and disagreements that are established during the discussions of the pact.

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