CONIISE: How to use digital tools to promote ventures?

CONIISE: How to use digital tools to promote ventures?

Peru is one of the countries with the greatest sentiment ; being that, according to Ipsos, it is the fourth country in the world with the most interested parties (52%) in carrying out a venture during the next two years. Likewise, during the economic crisis caused by the pandemic, 25% of Peruvians decided to start some type of venture.

Flor Rodríguez, founder of the Sinergia Global Association of Entrepreneursand one of the main promoters of the “I National Congress of Innovation and Social Inclusion of Entrepreneurs (CONIISE) announced the importance of “professionalizing” entrepreneurship in Peru, providing key tools and training to face new trends and changes in the market.

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“Our country is recognized worldwide for its entrepreneurial sense; we face difficult situations with ingenuity, with the creation of businesses; however, the lack of training, advice, and incentives allow only two out of ten enterprises to survive the first five years”he commented.

He added that until September 2021 they were registered in Peru more than 2 million 936 thousand 294 companies; and that 54.2% of the companies created as a natural person are led by women.

“The role of the female entrepreneur is key; since they drive our economy, and each time they obtain greater recognition; For example, only in the Gamarra commercial emporium, around 80% of entrepreneurs are women”Rodríguez stressed.

First Congress

The first National Congress of Innovation and Social Inclusion of Entrepreneurs rIt will bring together ten national experts such as Eliana Tapia, founder of Sicurezza; Rubén Sánchez, CEO of Pastelería San Antonio; Susana Saldaña, president of the Board of Directors of the Gamarra Business Association; Hélmut Cáceda, president of the Chamber of Electronic Commerce; Ricardo Moran, producer of Rayo en la Botella; among others.

The National Congress of Innovation and Social Inclusion of Entrepreneurs will be held on December 13 and 14. Registration and more information at:

will be provided key tools and advice on financial management; accountant; legal; management; digital sales and marketing; leadership and training of senior management teams; business models; and business coaching and personal development.

“CONIISE is a meeting that will allow the entrepreneur to leave motivated, and with tools for strategic planning of his business, to learn how to manage finances, sell, and even the development of soft skills; Likewise, important success stories of entrepreneurs who have had to face different challenges to achieve success will be shared. It will also be key to generating networking, and who knows, being the meeting point to meet, invest, and associate with other entrepreneurs.”, he remarked.


Flor Rodríguez pointed out that the market is migrating quickly to the hybrid system, e-commerce, with the birth of new business models that did not exist before, highlighting the use of digital currencies, fintech, start up, metaverse, digital education, among others.

“Current consumer habits are constantly changing; there is greater demand when choosing a product or service; For this reason, it is important to keep up to date with business meetings such as CONIISE.”, he finished.

79% of workers considered that their income decreased during the period of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the vast majority of Peruvians say that so far they have not managed to recover economically. (The consumer 2022: hybrid and reactivating its Ipsos Peru activities)


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