Congresswoman Chiabra describes the meeting between the Executive and the Legislative as a “waste of time”

congressman (Alliance for Progress) described as a “waste of time” the meeting held by the President of the Republic, and their Ministers of State, with various legislators in the Legislative Palace on Tuesday afternoon, where they coordinated measures against social conflicts in the country.

The parliamentarian also questioned the decision made by the president to withdraw from Parliament after his participation in the dialogue table and leave only the members of the cabinet as representatives of the Government.

(The meeting was) a waste of time because neither the congressmen were successful in seeking a solution to today’s problem nor were the ministers, especially the Energy and Mines (…) The president with the same custom as always, listens and leaves. Why didn’t he stay?”, he stated in dialogue with Canal N.

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The meeting had the objective of telling the Executive: ‘you are the one who is governing tell me what laws you need to support you’ and that has not happenedChiabra added.

Likewise, the legislator of the APP caucus criticized the participation of the State ministers in this meeting, alluding to the fact that they did not provide a plan to overcome this social crisis. The ministers are the ones who are supposed to have the plan to get out of this crisis and what have they presented? they have nothingsaid.

In that sense, Robert Chiabra He emphasized that what is being done now to resolve the conflict due to the truckers’ strike could have been carried out days before the protests began.

What they want to do today is a decision that they should have made 10 days ago and avoid the first stoppage that carriers have. This is a government that has prevention and planning capacity“, Held.

Castillo lifts social immobility

In the dialogue that took place between the Executive and the Legislative, the president peter castle reported that the Government annulled the curfew decreed on the night of last Monday, April 4.

I must announce that from now on we are going to annul this immobility and it is appropriate to call for the tranquility of the Peruvian people.”, pointed out the president.

Statements by Roberto Chiabra


Roberto Chiabra on the crisis: "The president is responsible for his incompetence"
Perú21TV spoke with the congressman from Alianza para el Congreso, about the mandatory immobilization proposed by President Castillo as a way out of the social crisis that the country is experiencing.

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