Congressman Melo (PS) calls for reviewing and improving the water rationing plan

Congressman Melo (PS) calls for reviewing and improving the water rationing plan

Before the presentation of a water rationing plan by the authorities, deputy Daniel Melo (PS), a member of the Chamber’s Environment Commission, called for public policies to incorporate innovative elements based on nature , to mitigate water scarcity.

“The existence of water saving plans by some municipalities is good news, but they are clearly insufficient efforts and the plan presented by the authorities only goes in the direction of the inhabitants of the affected communes facing scheduled cuts of this vital element. . Which is absolutely insufficient if it is not combined with limiting the use of water by companies and seeking solutions based on nature”, said the deputy.

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Through a statement, the socialist parliamentarian states that there are solutions based on nature that do not mean the disbursement of large resources, such as rainwater harvesting systems, the restoration and protection of wetlands, recharge of free aquifers through the use of ditches, are measures that can be managed by the communities themselves and whose effects on the best use of water resources are proven.

Deputy Melo also pointed out that “this must be a comprehensive policy and not just a rationing plan for people. The difficult scenario that we face in the face of water scarcity, we must turn it into an opportunity to make comprehensive policies and in the logic of adaptation. And if someone has to be punished, it is not precisely the people, but the companies that misuse this vital element. Given the latter, I do not rule out presenting an initiative that addresses the excessive use of water by some companies”

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