Congressman Edward Málaga: "The Torres cabinet must be changed now, it leaks everywhere"

Congressman Edward Málaga: “The Torres cabinet must be changed now, it leaks everywhere”

congressman (not grouped) ruled on the permanence of the ministerial cabinet led by , despite the questions that fall against him. Therefore, the parliamentarian asserted that it should be changed and thus give way to a fifth conformation of ministers in just eight months of government.

Through its social networks, Málaga Trillo indicated that, in addition to the president peter castleis in favor of withdrawing the current Council of Ministers, due to the “taking over, clientelism and ineptitude”.

Regardless of how soon the president leaves, the Torres cabinet must be changed now. He makes water everywhere, he stubbornly insists on taking over, patronage and ineptitude. It governs poorly and forces Congress to divert time and energy to political control”, he wrote on his Twitter account.

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Last Monday, April 18, the Prime Minister, Hannibal Torres He did not rule out the possibility that the president will soon choose to recompose the ministerial cabinet.

It’s ok, the cabinet can be recomposed”, he indicated from Cusco to the press when it was mentioned to him that a change of cabinet is being requested and a new ministerial reorganization be given in the government of Castillo Terrones.

Barreto announced possible recomposition

Previously, on April 14, the Cardinal and Archbishop of Huancayo, Peter Barrettreported that President Pedro Castillo promised to initiate a “radical change of course”, after holding a meeting with him at the Government Palace.

Very soon, the president will announce the changes that are going through a new cabinet and a premier who no longer depends on the Free Peru party. or from groups around President Castillo, that is very clear”, he told the media.


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