Congress still does not give a date to allow journalists in Pasos Perdidos and the hemicycle

Congress still does not give a date to allow journalists in Pasos Perdidos and the hemicycle

The Congress of the Republic issued a statement in which it ratified its respect for press freedom after opening the Chronicler’s Room, despite the fact that the ban on entering the Hall of Lost Steps and the chamber of the Legislative Palace has not yet been lifted. .

In said statement, the institution recalled that last Monday, May 30, the Parliamentary Chroniclers’ Room was opened again, so that accredited journalists can carry out their work in this environment.

In addition to that space, in a demonstration of respect for the work of the national press and its coverage of legislative work, Congress has made it easier for the media to use the Heroes Defenders of Democracy room so that they can carry out personal or group interviews with congressmen”, he added.

In this sense, the Parliament indicated that the access of journalists to the hemicycle, where the ordinary and plenary sessions are held, and to the Hall of the Lost Steps, It will be carried out after the measures ordered by the Office of Risks and Disasters of the Metropolitan Municipality of Lima are implemented. after having verified these spaces.

Likewise, it was emphasized that the president of Congress, Maria del Carmen Alvainstructed the administrative areas to make the necessary efforts so that all the precincts of the Legislative have the minimum security conditions to receive the press and citizens.

It should be noted that, on repeated occasions, the president of Congress has ratified her respect for freedom of the press and of expression in the country, because they constitute fundamental requirements for democracy in the country.”, highlighted the institution in its statement.

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