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Congress publishes legislative resolution that formalizes the 120-day suspension of Freddy Díaz

Congress publishes legislative resolution that formalizes the 120-day suspension of Freddy Díaz

The Congress of the Republic published legislative resolution 001-2022-2023-CR and in this way the suspension for 120 days without pay of Congressman Freddy Díaz Monago (not grouped), who was denounced for rape, was made official.

The Congress of the Republic; has resolved: To impose on Congressman Freddy Ronald Díaz Monago the sanction of suspension from the exercise of office and deduction of his assets for one hundred and twenty days of legislature, provided for in subsection d) of article 14 of the Code of Parliamentary Ethics. Communicate, publish and archive” reads the document.

This resolution bears the signatures of the first vice president in charge of the presidency of the Congress of the Republic, Martha Moyano and the second vice president of Parliament, Dignified Lobaton Street.

This Wednesday afternoon, with 99 votes and 4 abstentions, the report of the Ethics Commission was approved, which proposed imposing this sanction against Díaz Monago. Said document, which declares the complaint founded, was approved on August 31 in the parliamentary working group unanimously (16 votes in favor).

The debate, which lasted more than an hour, was carried out secretly, as agreed in the Board of Spokespersons before this session of the Plenary of Parliament took place.

Investigation of Freddy Diaz

After the accusation against Díaz Monago was disseminated, Congresswoman Flor Pablo (Integrity and Development) filed a multiparty constitutional complaint against him. To this was added an accusation from parliamentarian Patricia Chirinos (Avanza País).

In parallel, on August 5, the Supreme Court of Preparatory Investigation issued a 9-month ban on lawmaker Díaz Monago leaving the country.


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