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Congress of the Republic begins debate on the return to bicamerality

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The This Wednesday, July 6, the debate on an opinion that establishes the return to the bicameral parliamentary system began; that is to say, that as of 2026 the Legislative Power will once again have deputies and senators.

The bill was supported by the president of the Constitution and Regulation Commission, Patricia Juárez (Popular Force), before the Plenary.

According to the opinion approved by said working group, there will be a minimum of 130 deputies and a total of 60 senators for a period of five years, whose election takes place through a process established by law.

The possibility that parliamentarians can seek re-election for one more period is also granted, despite the fact that in December 2018 the citizens voted against it in a referendum.

Another of the outstanding changes refers to the fact that the The President of the Republic will be empowered to dissolve only the Chamber of Deputies if it has censored or denied its trust to three Councils of Ministers, as established by the 1979 Constitution.

Likewise, candidates for the presidency or vice-presidency of the Republic may also apply simultaneously to the Chamber of Deputies or the Chamber of Senators.

Among other changes, article 82 of the Constitution is modified, which currently states that the Comptroller General of the Republic is elected by Congress at the proposal of the Executive.

“The Comptroller General is elected by the Senate with the vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the legal number of its members. He can be removed by the same chamber for serious misconduct, with the same number of votes”indicates, instead, the opinion.


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