Congress LIVE: parliamentarians back down and refuse to question Chancellor Gervasi

Congress LIVE: parliamentarians back down and refuse to question Chancellor Gervasi

Hours before, the Plenary voted to summon the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Reconsideration was raised by the Fujimorista Juárez.

LIVE Congress. The Plenary is in session today, Thursday, January 26, by order of its president, Jose Williams Zapata (Popular Renewal). Through an official letter signed by the Senior Officer, José Cevasco, all parliamentarians were informed about their face-to-face or virtual call. Meanwhile, the protests that request the removal of the entire political class continue in the capital of the country. Since Tuesday, January 17, a police cordon has prevented the protesters from entering the vicinity of Parliament.

Plenary session of Congress today, January 26

They refuse to question the Minister of Foreign Affairs

The result of the reconsideration was in favor of Gervasi. With 72 votes against and 40 in favor, the chancellor will no longer be summoned to Parliament to answer questions about the actions of her office.

They reconsider a motion for interpellation against Chancellor Gervasi

The order of business motion 5125 will be decided again after the reconsideration of the motion for interpellation against the head of Foreign Affairs is approved.

Parliament decides to declare former President Evo Morales “persona non grata” for “his public statements”

With 74 votes in favor, 40 against and 4 abstentions, the Plenary decided to declare the left-wing politician Evo Morales “persona non grata” due to his public statements about Peru.

María del Carmen Alva: “Evo Morales is not a friend of Peru”

The former president of the Board of Directors of Congress, María del Carmen Alva, declared before the vote: “There is no doubt that (…) all his manifestations (of Evo Morales) is a constant (sic) interference in the internal affairs of our country, and there is no doubt that it is not a friend of Peru”.

For Noelia Herrera, from Renovación Popular, Evo Morales “deserves” jail

The speaker chosen by Renovación Popular for the debate on declaring Evo Morales “persona non grata” was Noelia Herrera. The congresswoman pointed to the former president as an incitement to the civilians of Puno and Cusco. “He wants the great homeland at the cost of the blood of Peruvians,” she commented without evidence.

Cavero insists that “the Castillo left” incites the protests

Without showing any proof, the congressman of the orphan Avanza País party, Alejandro Cavero, insisted that the current social protests are promoted by the “Castillista left.” For him, the fact that Raúl Noblecilla has assumed the defense of Evo Morales in the complaint for treason, is an indicator for his assertion.

Letter from José Cevasco to legislators. Photo: @Congresoperu/Twitter

On the agenda of this first ordinary legislature there are several documents pending voting. For example, two interpellation motions are listed: one to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ana Gervasi Diazand another to the former head of the Interior Victor Rojas. If approved, this second profile must respond “on the call to the population to participate in the so-called ‘National March for Peace’.”

In the same way, it will be paid for Bills of Law 465, 509 and 530, proposed to modify articles 179 and 180 of the Political Constitution and that refer to the “election of one of the members of the National Jury of Elections (JNE) by the country’s bar associations”. The initiative is from Peru Libre and Renovación Popular, and is indicated as “urgent” by the Executive Branch, which presides Dina Boluarte.

It will be left to the decision of the Board of Spokespersons to include in the day the motion for vacancy and interpellation of the current Minister of the Interior, Vincent Romerodue to the excessive intervention in the university city of the National University of San Marcosand the bill to advance the general elections to 2023, proposed by Cambio Democrático.

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