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Congress extends MP that expands payroll loan margin

The National Congress extended the provisional measure which expands the payroll loan margin for retirees and pensioners and authorizes people who receive the Benefício de Prestação Continuada (BPC) and Auxílio Brasil to make the loan.Congress extends MP that expands payroll loan margin

Second act of the president of the Senate, Rodrigo Pachecopublished today (13) in Official Diary of the Unionthe extension is 60 days.

Payroll loans are those granted with automatic payroll deductions. As it is guaranteed by a direct discount on salary or benefit, this type of personal credit operation is one of those offering the lowest interest rates on the market.

The MP, published in the Official Gazette on March 17, expanded access to payroll-deductible credit to BPC and Auxílio Brasil beneficiaries, in addition to increasing the consignable margin from 35% to 40% of income, reinstating the percentage that was in force. over most of the past year.

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