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Congress: Commission in charge of choosing TC magistrates approves final list with six candidates

Congress: Commission in charge of choosing TC magistrates approves final list with six candidates

The special commission in charge of selecting the new magistrates of the (TC) approved this Monday the final report of the list with the six candidates suitable for said positions. In this way, it will be put to the consideration of the Congress of the Republic.

Said report contains 77 pages plus the annexes, along with a detailed summary of the public tender process carried out by said parliamentary working group, chaired by congressman Jose Balcazar Zelada (Free Peru).

Article 36 of the Congress regulations details that the special commission must deliver to the head of the Legislative Power the list of suitable candidates, which must have been prepared based on a table of merits. A report must also be attached.where the motivation of the scores of each of them is explained, describing the entire process and the assessment made at each stage”.

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The applicants who passed the stages of the curricular evaluation, the personal interview and who are eligible to be evaluated in the plenary session of the Congress are:

  • Francisco Humberto Morales Saravia
  • Luis Gustavo Gutierrez Ticse
  • Helder Dominguez Haro
  • Luz Imelda Pacheco Zerga
  • Manuel Monteagudo Valdez
  • Cesar Augusto Ochoa Cardich

They rejected reconsiderations

Also, the parliamentary working group approved the resolutions rejecting the reconsiderations proposed by 14 candidates against the individual rating given to them by legislators.

The requests were presented by the lawyers Juan José Blossiers Mazzini, Guillermo Boza Pro, César Chambergo Chanamé, Antenor Escalante Gonzales, Cayo Galindo Sandoval, Fredy Hernández Rengifo, Roberto Maradiegue Ríos, Jorge Luis Rioja Vallejos, Hipólito Rodríguez Casavilca, Milagros Revilla Izquierdo, Rafael Ruiz Hidalgo, María Tello Leyva, David Velasco Pérez Velasco and Ricardo Velásquez Ramírez.


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