Congress: benches may present candidates for Ombudsman until July 6

Congress: benches may present candidates for Ombudsman until July 6

The different parliamentary benches will be able to present their proposals for guests to participate in the selection process of candidates suitable for the election of the new head of the .

This is in compliance with the schedule that governs this process, which was approved by the Special Commission chaired by Freddy Díaz Monago (Alliance for Progress) and which and in three newspapers of national circulation.

In this context, the invitation formats to participate as an applicant, acceptance of the invitation, simple affidavit and the authorization format to publish the resume of the applicants are also published.

It is specified that the proposals can be made in person or virtually through the mail of the Special Commission:

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Citizen participation

It should be noted that the means of citizen participation in the selection process of suitable candidates for the election of the Ombudsman are also published on the website of the Special Commission.

In accordance with the fourth guideline of the process to be followed in the selection of suitable candidates, any citizen can participate with comments, suggestions, criticisms, strikeouts accompanied by documentary evidence, complaints duly supported and documented (article 23 paragraph f) of the Congress regulations) and/or relevant information about each applicant in the selection process.

The presentation of blemishes and complaints may be made through the mail of the Special Commission and in person at Jirón Huallaga No. 358, Office No. 204-205, Fernando Belaúnde Building – Cercado de Lima.


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