PNP clarifies government version on curfew

Congress approves Rosselli Amuruz’s motion that urges Pedro Castillo to resign from the Presidency

Congress approved a motion presented by legislator Rosselli Amuruz (Avanza País) in which she “urges” to resign from the Presidency of the Republic.

By 61 votes in favor, 43 against and 1 abstention, the national representation gave the green light to the presented last Wednesday at the table of parties.

The document states that “it is very worrying” that the president has publicly declared his “lack of ability to govern”.

Likewise, it describes as “very serious” that his inability to govern, Castle Lumps show “lack of ability to differentiate between good and evil” when appointing ministers and officials “related to terrorism”.

In the same way, he questions that the head of state has expressed his agreement to open the borders, “when the main accusation against leaders of the Free Peru government party, they are being investigated by Advocacy for Terrorism, Criminal Organization and Money Laundering for their connection with narco-terrorism and the militarized Communist Party of Peru led by the Quispe Palomino clandestinely”.

The motion also includes the latest events that occurred during the marches for the strike of heavy cargo carriersnoting that it puts at risk “The national economy, employment and national unity”.

“Mr. José Pedro Castillo Terrones, as Constitutional President of the Republic, instead of convening the political, professional, trade union forces and people who know the sectors in order to build consensus for the events that occurred in the city of Huancayo on December 3, April, Lima on April 4 and in various places in the interior of the country; he was involved in his four walls without informing the country of the 6 deaths of innocent people, due to his total misrule, ineptitude in the administration of public affairs and improvisations, demonstrating contempt for Human Rights “refers.

Finally, Amuruz describes “very serious for national sovereignty” what peter castle has indicated that he agrees with holding a referendum to grant an outlet to the sea for Bolivia.


The magistrates approved the habeas corpus presented by a lawyer to annul the decision that went against the pardon of the former president.

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