Postponed, fuel projects must be voted on tomorrow

Congress approves PLN that facilitates fuel price reduction

The Congress approved today (28) a Bill of the National Congress (PLN) that allows the reduction of taxes on fuels without the need to compensate for the loss of revenue. Normally, whenever a federative entity accepts to lose revenue (with a reduction or exemption from taxes, for example) it is obliged to indicate another source of funds to make the compensation. With the approval of this project, this indication will not be necessary.Congress approves PLN that facilitates fuel price reduction

In practice, the measure facilitates the reduction of fuel taxes, which may result in a lower price of gasoline, diesel and cooking gas for the population. In his opinion, Deputy Juscelino Filho (União Brasil-MA), rapporteur for the PLN, said that the increase in fuel prices is due to a “combination of several factors”.

The congressman added that this has provoked discussions in Congress in search of alternatives to “smooth the rise”. “The PLN intends to create conditions for the proper evaluation and approval of proposals that include a reduction in taxes levied on the formation of fuel prices”, said the deputy in his opinion.

Crop Plan

Voting on PLNs can only take place in a session of the National Congress, where deputies and senators vote on this type of project and decide on the overthrow or maintenance of vetoes by the President of the Republic. In that session, parliamentarians also approved a PLN that opens up a credit of R$ 2.57 billion for the recomposition of Executive personnel expenses and the reinforcement of appropriations of the 2021/2022 Crop Plan.

The Safra Plan is a federal government initiative that guides the allocation of resources to the agribusiness chain and enables the financing and securitization of agricultural activity and commercialization of production throughout Brazil. The project approved today allocates R$ 868 million to it. The PLNs approved today go for presidential sanction.


Lawmakers also analyzed presidential vetoes. Most of the vetoes analyzed today were maintained. Among them, the veto of part of the law that prohibited the dissemination, publication or dissemination of videos or images of traffic crimes or infractions.

Another veto maintained concerns the Eletrobras privatization process. The House overrode two vetoes, but the Senate decided to keep them. These sections provided for Eletrobras’ responsibility to relocate residents occupying transmission strips. Priority would be given to these residents for the occupation of houses built by the Casa Verde e Amarela housing program.

Other vetoes on the same issue remain pending. One of the vetoed sections provides for the use, by the Executive Power, of company employees dismissed in the 12 months after privatization. The opposition considers the overturning of this veto very important and has decided to reach an agreement with the government base to leave the appreciation of this veto for the next session, possibly next week. This will give time for opposition parliamentarians to try to build an agreement in favor of overturning this veto.

A veto was also maintained regarding the legal framework for startups. One of the vetoed sections allowed the individual investor to offset the losses accumulated in the initial stages of the startup with the profits obtained from the sale of shares obtained later. A provision was also vetoed that determined the Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM) to regulate conditions facilitated for the access of smaller companies to the capital market.

Today’s session also marked the rejection of a veto to the 2022 Budget Bill (PLN 19/21), already converted into law. The parliamentarians chose to incorporate an additional BRL 97.8 million into the LOA 2022 to support the implementation and modernization of infrastructure for recreational and leisure educational sports.

*With information from the Câmara de Notícias Agency

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