Confrontation over limits between inhabitants of Culpina and Incahuasi causes 51 people to be injured

July 13, 2022, 18:18 PM

July 13, 2022, 18:18 PM

A confrontation over boundaries between the inhabitants of the municipalities of Culpina and Incahuasi, in the Cintis de Chuquisaca, caused at least 51 people injured on Tuesday, four of them with serious injuries that were referred to hospitals in both municipalities and to Tarija.

One person lost his hand as a result of the dynamite explosion. in the showdown stones and other blunt objects were used.

The Tarija police, which is the closest to the area, and the Chuquisaca police, deployed their troops to the place of conflict, and since last night they remain calm while the dialogue table takes place this Wednesday, in a neutral territory, in the municipality of San Lucas.

The blockade remains in the San Lorencito sectoron the border between Culpina and Incahuasi.

Yesterday the dialogue began between the authorities in the town of Camargo, but despite the fact that they agreed to a pause in the conflict, the mobilized people of Incahuasi would have provoked the people of Culpina who were blocking that route.

The pitched fight ended with fifty people injured and one person suffered the worst by losing a hand in the detonation of dynamite.

The departmental delegate of the Ombudsman’s Office in Chuquisaca, Edwin Martínez, reported that, after four meetings he held with the residents of Culpina and Incahuasi, It was agreed to set up a dialogue table today, Wednesday, starting at 5:00 p.m., in the town of San Lucas.

The delegate of the Ombudsman’s Office, Edwin Martínez, said that the residents of Culpina promised to give a break in their pressure measures to allow the installation of the dialogue in San Lucas.

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