Confrontation in Barinas prison leaves five injured

Confrontation in Barinas prison leaves five injured

National Guard officials entered the Barinas Judicial Confinement Center to control the facility, after five prisoners were injured after a confrontation between groups for control of the place. The injured were transferred to the Razetti Hospital in Barinas to be treated. Until now, details of their state of health are unknown.

This Tuesday, May 9, there was a confrontation inside the facilities of the Barinas Judicial Confinement Center, in which five prisoners were injured, as reported by the Venezuelan Observatory of Prisons (OVP), through his Twitter account.

The event occurred in the afternoon, inside pavilion number one of the prison compound. According to the information, the brawl occurred when a group of inmates tried to impose a kind of “pranato” in the boarding school, but other inmates refused to change.

Five wounded was the balance of a riot between prisoners that took place today in pavilion 1 of the Judicial Confinement Center of #Barinas.

Apparently, some prisoners wanted to impose a pranato but other prisoners flatly refused. The injured were taken to a care center.

— Obs. V. of Prisons (@oveprisiones) May 9, 2023

National Guard officials entered the place to control the situation. The prisoners who were injured were transferred to the Razetti Hospital in the city of Barinas to be treated. So far the condition of the inmates who were injured is unknown.

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The confrontation within the llanera entity occurs less than two months after the visit made to the place by the Minister for Penitentiary Affairs, Celsa Bautista, together with officials from the Barinas Integral Defense Operational Zone (ZODI), in which they began a approach plan in Judicial Confinement of that entity, with the intention of meeting the requirements of the population that is incarcerated, as well as the improvement of the different areas.

On that occasion, Bautista highlighted that “requests from the prison population and their families were processed, together with a multidisciplinary team deployed in this establishment by the justice administration bodies, to give an immediate response to their requirements.”

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