Confrontation between Esmad and indigenous people leaves one dead and two injured in Miranda, Cauca

Confrontation between Esmad and indigenous people leaves one dead and two injured in Miranda, Cauca

the indigenous guard Luis Tombé, lost his life and two more people were injured, after a confrontation between indigenous people and Esmad of the Police, in Miranda, north of Cauca.

According to the first versions, a group of indigenous people were evicted from land they occupied of the Maracaibo and Cañas haciendas in the rural area of ​​said locality, for which Two of them were captured by the police.. Subsequently a group from the same indigenous community came to the Miranda Police station to demand their release and a riot was generated.

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“It was arranged by the Cauca Police Department, the dispatch of the intervention group to deal with the invasion and subjugation of lands in the Maracaibo and Cañas haciendas, located in that sector, where two people were captured in flagrante delicto, who were taken to the Judicial Circuit of Puerto Tejada to make them available to the competent authority,” said the commander of Police Regional No. 4, General Pablo Ferney Ruiz.

The officer explained that according to what was stated by the uniformed men, the group that arrived at the police station was from between 80 and 100 people, including several hooded men, who threw stones, improvised explosive devices, and apparently carried firearms.

For its part, from the Fabric for the Defense of Life and Human Rights program of the Association of Indigenous Councils, they stated through a statement that in those areas where the indigenous people were evacuated, They were carrying out a process of liberation of mother earth by the Cilia La Calera indigenous reservation, when they were attacked by the public force.

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The Command of Police Region No. 4, in order to clarify what happened, requested the Cauca Prosecutor’s Office and the Technical Criminal Investigation Corps (CTI) to undertake the judicial investigations of the case.

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