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Confirmed disaster in Moscoso Puello

Relatives of patients admitted to the Francisco Moscoso Puello hospital today confirmed the prevailing disaster in that health center due to the shortage of medicines and supplies to treat those suffering from health.

With the claims, the relatives of patients endorse the complaint of the nurses who yesterday confronted the chaos of the services, which include poor nutrition of staff and patients.

According to Zeneida Soto Silvestre, the x-ray machines are damaged, which is why a tomography had to be performed at the Dominican-Japanese Friendship Medical Education Center (Cemadoja).

“I feel down, without strength and I had to spend the little I have on this studio,” he said.

A group of patients await consultations at the Doctor Francisco Moscoso Puello hospital
A group of patients await consultations at the Doctor Francisco Moscoso Puello hospital

The trail of calamities is also reflected in the patients who are hospitalized, who in many cases do not even have a bed to be assisted.

“I had to go out and buy syringes and tubes so they could attend to my father, who is in the tuberculosis area because he had a stroke,” said María Encarnación.

“There are many patients who are being treated in chairs because all the admission beds are full, this is a disaster at the Moscoso Puello hospital,” said Vidal Rosario.

He relates that the relatives of the sick have to buy even the serum to place them. “There is nothing here, this screwed up the poor man who comes here without money until he dies from a syringe,” he said.

Zeneida Soto Silvestre

“If I had walked without a peso, my father would die because they admitted him and there was nothing to treat him and prevent the worst from happening, in this case, that he died,” he added.

«I had to spend the night standing because there is not even a chair there so that one can sit down for a little while, I brought my father who had a heart attack and was dying, I even had to buy the serum to medicate him and then of course There was a bed, they put him where the tuberculosis patients are”, explained Julia Aquino.

He indicated that now his greatest concern is that his relative could be infected with this disease, which would aggravate his health situation and cause him to die.

He asked the authorities of the medical center to find another area to continue assisting his father, who is in a delicate state.

As the hours go by, the situation becomes increasingly desperate for Mario Rodríguez, who went to the Moscoso Puello hospital with his wife who suffers from diabetes.

“We came here because she has very high blood sugar and I even had to buy insulin because they told me there was none to stabilize it,” he said.

He urged the doctors to pay more attention to his case because his wife was trembling after they put the medicine on her.

“A doctor told me that it was only 10 milligrams in the morning and 10 at night and they gave her 30 and that was why the tremors were there, something I can’t explain because before it was with a pill that she took that stabilized her” , held.


Yesterday, the National Nursing Association (Asonaen) paralyzed services at the Francisco Moscoso Puello hospital demanding that the health center be supplied because it now lacks food and supplies for patients.

“At the Moscoso Puello hospital we are in a serious situation and it is that here both the patients and the nurses are not eating,” said Miriam Félix, vice president of Asonaen.

Hospital Moscoso Puello
Confirmed disaster in Moscoso Puello 4

According to Félix, the menu offered by the hospital ranges from white rice with corn and a little carrot or tayota, without “any meat”, to empty bread with boiled water and two soursop leaves.

“We do not have supplies, stretcher paper, we do not have wrapping for gauze or operating room materials, we do not have downspouts, syringes, insulin or other things,” they assured.

“I got to work early, I went to the pharmacy to get a syringe and the first thing I come across is that there is none. How can it be that in a hospital like this there are no syringes?” said one of the nurses present.

The nurses also demand that the corresponding incentive from the National Health Insurance (Senasa) be delivered from the month of June.

They affirm that if their claims are not addressed, they will mobilize again next week.


The deputy medical director of the Francisco Moscoso Puello Hospital, Argentina Germán, acknowledged what Asonaen revealed, but attributed it to the fact that a restructuring process is being carried out in said center.

However, the patients corroborate Asonaen’s complaint and show their dissatisfaction with the precariousness of the services.

Come opposition to order

After the complaints of the nurses, who were joined today by relatives of patients admitted to the Francisco Moscoso Puello hospital, the director of the National Health Service (SNS), Mario Lama, considered that the union has declared “war” on the director of the medical center, Rafael Camilo García Santos, because, in his opinion, he is putting order to make services more efficient.

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