Confirm cases of COVID-19 in Huancavelica educational center

Confirm cases of COVID-19 in Huancavelica educational center

Despite the fact that they announced the taking of precautionary measures regarding COVID-19 in Huancavelica, education and health authorities confirm the first cases of contagion with this disease in schools. .

However, it seems that the authorities do not agree on the number of cases or the educational centers that presented these cases.

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On April 12, in an interview with Correo, the regional director of health, Darwin Moscoso García, stated that he registered two cases in the region, one in Huancavelica and the other in the district of Roble (Ugel Surcubamba).

In his turn, the regional director of education, Julio Saez Requena, stated that he was unaware of the Huancavelica case, but confirmed that there are cases in Roble.

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On this subject, Saez Requena stated that they first confirmed the contagion of a teacher and that later, when taking all the students on April 6, they found 13 cases, so they decided to apply the protocol and continue the learning process virtually.


Moscoso García said that it is important for parents to remain calm and that the protocol to follow is that if the contagion is confirmed on campus, the classroom is closed, but, if there are cases in more classrooms, the campus is closed for seven days. days if they are vaccinated and if they are not vaccinated it is for 10 days.

In his turn, Saez Requena, stated that it is important to comply with the protocols and remain calm in case a new case arises.

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“The first thing we have to do is a test to validate whether or not the students have COVID-19, in case they had the symptoms, proceed to isolation, identify the immediate environment group, submit them to the corresponding test and if the In this case, it is worthwhile to quarantine the student group,” said Saez.

He noted that it is everyone’s responsibility to maintain biosecurity measures, such as social distancing, wearing masks properly and washing hands.

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Finally, he detailed that upon learning of the case of the contagion that occurred in Roble, they took the pertinent measures and ordered the respective quarantine in order to safeguard the health of the rest of the educational population.

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