Concertación internal, what will be the modality to vote?

Concertación internal, what will be the modality to vote?

The voting modality to be used in the internal ones of the National Coalition augurs much confusion for the voters, since the format will be totally different from that of previous elections. Multi-party affiliates will have only one option to choose from.

José Rafael Rojas, president of the Independent Electoral Tribunal (TEI) of the Coalition, commented to Radio Monumental that for the December inmates it has been established that the vote for the presidential badge be carried out in the premises enabled by this group, using the national register. that was authorized by the TSJE (and that has already been purged).

Each political party that is part of the Coalition (for example, the PLRA) will have its own tables set up so that its affiliates can vote. The names of the candidates for multi-member positions (senators, deputies, governors and departmental councilors) as well as those of the different presidential duos will be included in the voting machines.

The registers of each party are going to be separated from the national register that the Concertación will use so as not to have a duplication, Rojas mentioned. In the specific case of the Liberal Party, its affiliates will vote with their respective register, but the positions of the Concertación will be included in the same voting machines.

For the internal ones, the Concertación will use the same polling places that are usually used by the PLRA for its elections (especially schools and colleges), although in these places there will also be polling stations of other political groups that make up the aforementioned group.

The parties that will use this “mixed” modality are the PLRA, Patria Querida, Frente Amplio, Partido Revolucionario Febrerista (PRF) and Partido Demócrata Cristiano (PDC), which will have their own polling stations in shared premises and with their own differentiated registers.

Rojas mentioned that in eight departments of the country the Concertación register will be used to vote for multi-member positions. As an example, he explained that a person who votes in Cordillera will be able to vote for candidates for the departmental board, deputies and governors of said department, as well as for a presidential badge.

In the case of the members of the National Encounter Party (PEN) and other Concertación parties that are not part of the five mentioned above, they will not be able to vote for any Concertación presidential badge, Rojas maintained, because they will make their internal in their own premises and will not be able to “vote twice”, he confirmed. Therefore, they will only have suffrage enabled for senators, deputies and the departmental board of their respective parties.

For these cases, he considered that the only option would be to send his affiliates to vote in those locals authorized by the Coalition or in any case let them vote in their own locals.

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