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Concertación expresses to the TSJE its “concern and distrust” about the electoral process

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The National Coalition for a New Paraguay expressed its concern about the fire that occurred in the warehouse of the Superior Court of Electoral Justice, in addition to the distrust of how the process is being carried out, which puts the elections at risk.

Senator Esperanza Martínez, president of the National Agreement for a New Paraguay, sent a statement to the Minister of the Superior Court of Electoral Justice, Jaime Bestard, to express her concern after the fire that occurred at the headquarters of said institution on September 29 .

One of them would be the expressions provided by said authorities on a possible “unfolding” of the internal elections scheduled for next December 18, in addition, the probable causes of the incident and its effects regarding the number of voting machines destroyed.

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“The representatives that make up the Coalition express their deepest concern at the lack of certainty and the intention of said expressions, which collaborated to increase the existing feeling of confusion and distrust regarding the transparency of the ongoing electoral process,” reads part of the document.

In this regard, it indicates that, given the lack of information and the contradictory versions issued by the TSJE itself, representatives of the PLRA, a party that is part of the Concertación, went to the warehouse, located in the city of Fernando de la Mora last Saturday, confirming that in the premises had a large number of voting machines, as well as the non-existence of security mechanisms, be it physical (such as guards) or fire-fighting elements.

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Before said visit, the official Luis Alberto Mauro denounced an alleged clandestine entry by unknown persons who fled after the intervention of the guard. “This irresponsible statement, far from the truth, means for the political forces that make up the Coalition, another blow to the credibility of the TSJE.”

Therefore, it requests clear and accurate information about the fire and its impact on the electoral process. In effect, it requests authorization so that this Monday, October 10, members of the Coalition and officials of the TSJE visit and verify the affected area.

Lastly, it urges the replacement of the executors of the team in charge of elections (Elections Commission), which has not yet received answers in order to guarantee the organization of future elections.

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