Concentration in Plaza Venezuela begins youth march

Concentration in Plaza Venezuela begins youth march

Thousands of people, mostly young people, gather in the Plaza Venezuela in Caracas to start the Youth March, which this year commemorates 209 years of the Battle of Victory. a transmission of VTV gave an account of the crowd that will tour the city.

President Nicolás Maduro greeted the glorious and brave Venezuelan youth who forge the future of the Homeland. Through Twitter, the president highlighted the spiritual strength and renewing energy of young Venezuelans.

“To the brave and glorious youth of Venezuela, to you, boys and girls, my greetings and fraternal embrace. Let’s go ahead, with his spiritual strength, his renewing energy and his enormous nobility. Venezuela has what! The Venezuelan youth has what to do with it!”, highlighted the president in the network

The president also highlighted, in another message, the relevance of the mobilization of young people from all over the country through “the streets of Caracas to celebrate their day and commemorate, together with all of Venezuela, the 209 years of the Battle of La Victoria.”

For this Sunday day, young people from all over the country moved to the capital to participate in the mobilization which is raised from Plaza Venezuela to the center of the city, as stated by the General Secretary of the Youth of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (Jpsuv), Grecia Colmenares, when she invited the youth and psuvistas to march this Sunday, February 12.

During the transmission of VTV Young people from various regions of the country expressed, in the midst of a festive atmosphere, their support for the Bolivarian Revolution and President Nicolás Maduro, while rejecting the blockade suffered by Venezuela in a multiform war waged by the centers of power in the US and the world right against the Venezuelan government.

Publications in networks give an account of the mobilization in Caracas and the rest of the country. The United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV) showed the festive atmosphere of the rally prior to the march

The tolda presented in images the crowd concentrated in the iconic Plaza Venezuela, the starting point of the march on Sunday.

From the capital, the deputy Francilvys Martínez showed images of the concentration in Plaza Venezuela.

Through Twitter, the Jpsuv highlighted the preparations of young people, who participate from Carabobo in the capital mobilization.

Another group of boys and girls sent messages from the state of Táchira to announce their participation in this Sunday’s march.

Additionally, young people from Trujillo highlighted their participation in the mobilization called in support of President Maduro, repudiation of the blockade against the country and anti-imperialist struggle.

Similarly, from Mérida, young people noted their role in the celebration of the historic date that the nation commemorates in the midst of economic recovery.

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