Conato insists that CSS continue with the solidarity system to avoid quota increases

Members of the National Council of Organized Workers (Conato) spoke on Monday, October 31, about the measures that the government must take in conjunction with the health authorities to save the Social Security Fund (CSS).

The leaders assured that they have already recommended several actions, to avoid taking parametric measures or increasing quotas, or the retirement age. They stressed that on several occasions they have made it clear that their position is to return to the solidarity system in order to solve the different problems of the entity.

They added that they have presented more than 35 counterproposals to the issue of social security with a view to cleaning up the Fund.

“Rarely has the country faced a serious dilemma regarding the fate of social security, and due to the participation that workers have in the administration of the Social Security Fund, it is appropriate to assume responsibilities without hesitation or delay,” they indicated. .

They stressed that the Social Security Fund does not need cosmetic adjustments and neither do they need to be improvised, so the decisions must be made by the State and not political.

“CONATO has seriously and responsibly assumed the historical role that it has to play in the present circumstances, which explains why, in December 2020, a document for universal, public and supportive social security was prepared and with the support of that study it was possible to present the only preliminary bill that exists in the National Assembly since October 2021, which has already been endorsed as Bill No. 748 of 2022, “they specified.

They propose that the structure of the Social Security Fund should be improved in terms of its institutional, financial, health model and its drug policy and programs that have social security terms that mean respect and guarantee of the institution’s autonomy.

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