Conaprole: when will the dairy supply normalize?

Conaprole: when will the dairy supply normalize?

He Conaprole’s dairy supply won’t return to normal immediatelyat least it will happen next week, despite the fact that on Wednesday night the Association of Workers and Employees of Conaprole (AOEC) decided to lift the labor measure to regulationwhich is added to the union decision adopted hours before, Suspend the performance of strikes of three hours per worker and in each shift.

This is based on the fact that work in the cooperative’s industrial complexes was normalized, except in the case related to the sector of workers dedicated to the UHT milk packaging at the Rodríguez plant (San José), which is the focus of the conflict due to differences between the company and the union over the number of workers exclusively linked to that task.

That the market is adequately supplied in affected product lines will not happen immediately, it will take a few daysthey said to The Observer Conaprole sources and that was confirmed by nearby merchants consulted on the morning of this Thursday.

The delay will be somewhat longer in the case of long-life milk, since this will depend on whether that production line resumes normally.

The same happens with the normalization of the stock of raw material in the cooperative’s silos based on the daily industrialization capacity, it will take a few days: the stock as of Tuesday of this week was 5.5 million tons for a maximum daily handling. of 4 million tons, based on information disclosed by Gabriel Fernández, president of Conaprole.

The chairman of the board also mentioned on Tuesday that Conaprole is breaching some export contracts and at least received a fine from the Chinese market, in addition to the internal damage from the loss of sales of 1.5 million liters of long-life milk in three weeks.

Management of the PIT CNT

At the close of this Wednesday, in a statement addressed to public opinion, the AOEC reported that it is suspending the work measures by regulation because this Thursday, at 12:30 p.m., there will be a meeting with the Minister of Labor and Social Security, Pablo Mieres, with the participation of the president of the PIT CNT, Marcelo Abdala, in which “a proposal would be presented to direct the negotiation on UHT Rodríguez”.

Which there is no going back, it is the beginning of criminal actions by statements by Senator Sebastián Da Silva and Mayor Enrique Antía.

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