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Computers are refurbished for digital inclusion projects

Computers are refurbished for digital inclusion projects

More than 28,000 computers have already been refurbished and delivered to public schools, libraries and digital inclusion programs thanks to the Computers for Inclusion program. The balance was made director of the Department of Infrastructure Projects of the Ministry of Communications, Marcus Vinicius Galletti, interviewed on the program The Voice of Brazil this Tuesday (27).

The director explained that the program will benefit from the creation of the National Policy for Dismantling and Reconditioning Electrical and Electronic Equipment. The policy aims to guarantee the full exercise of the right to access information and communication technologies to Brazilian citizens, contribute to the correct and sustainable disposal of public administration IT equipment and goods, encourage research and development of solutions in the areas of science, technology and innovation and help in the professional qualification of the Brazilian population, stimulating creativity, innovation, income generation. This work is also developed by the program through the training of young people and adults in free courses.

According to Galletti, there are 18 reconditioning centers spread throughout Brazil. These are responsible for collecting equipment that is not used by the public administration or donated by the private sector. “The center is responsible for preparing all the equipment so that it can be used again. Usually we use about 60%. For every 10 computers we receive, we transform them into six good computers”, she said.

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