Comptroller: Transport sector has economic damage for more than S / 3,000 million

Comptroller: Transport sector has economic damage for more than S / 3,000 million

The Transport and Communications sector presented the greatest damage due to corruption and functional misconduct in 2021, registering an economic loss of more than S/ 3,729 million, reported the according to the CGR Corruption Index 2021.

He indicated that the estimate of economic damage at the national level for 2021, according to the CGR Corruption Index, would be estimated at more than S/ 24,000 million.

In the specific case of the Transport and Communications sector, the economic damage would have been greater than S/ 3,729 million, and includes not only the ministry, but also 13 other entities.

That is to say, it is a comprehensive look that in the last three years has revealed that corruption and functional misconduct in said sector would have generated economic damages of S/ 2,893,575,621 in 2019 (Incidence of 25% of the total executed); S/ 1,515,916,802 in 2020 (Incidence of 16.5%, and S/ 3,729,740,938 in 2021 (Incidence of 30.2%)”, he indicated.


The Comptroller detailed that the reports indicate that in the entire Transport and Communications Sector, from 2018 to July 2022, 1,822 control services have been carried out (46 prior, 1,490 simultaneous, and 286 subsequent).

As a result of the subsequent control carried out in said sector, 579 officials and public servants were identified with presumed administrative, civil and criminal responsibility in the exercise of their functions.

Simultaneous control, for its part, promptly alerted 4,238 adverse situations in projects, works and public services that should have and should be implemented by the audited entities, of which only 28.8% have been corrected to date.

In this sense, the control body pointed out that the Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC), as the governing body, is responsible for ensuring the proper use of public goods and resources for said sector.

Public entities have the duty to implement internal control and supervise the use of public goods and resources that they manage in accordance with Law No. 28716 and its own regulations, which establish that they are responsible for avoiding the occurrence of functional misconduct and acts of misconduct. corruption”, he referred.

He added that, at the level of external control, through government control, the Comptroller General oversees that the actions of public managers are carried out in compliance with the law and in accordance with the public purpose.

That is why the Comptroller General lamented the ignorance in the statements of the head of the MTC regarding the responsibilities of his portfolio in cases of corruption and that there would be no external control in said sector.

It should be remembered that Juan Silva was Minister of Transport and Communications between July 29, 2021 and February 28, 2022. He is now a fugitive from justice due to the preliminary arrest warrant that was imposed against him in the framework of the investigations of the Puente Tarata III Case.


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