Comptroller reported several irregular tenders in IPS

Comptroller reported several irregular tenders in IPS

The Comptroller General of the Republic (CGR) presented a report and opinion on the budget execution of public institutions, corresponding to the year 2021. This report detected a total of 96 reports of indications of punishable acts.

Among the institutions reported is the Social Security Institute (IPS). An Immediate Special Audit (FEI), carried out by the Comptroller on the pension on acquisitions made within the framework of the State of Sanitary Emergency Covid-19 and Public Procurement for Fiscal Year 2021 detected several irregularities.

One of them is that the IPS did not present an accounting regarding the medical analysis orders of patients afflicted by Covid-19 as support for the samples made of an amount of 1,931 that, taking into account the unit value of G. 390 thousand represents a total of G. 753 million.

Another irregularity is that the pension authorities exposed the institution to incurring in possible delay and the application of interest for each day of delay, due to lack of accountability for excessive delay in payment procedures for Outsourced Analysis Services. Covid-19/ Sars – COV2, to the detriment of the economy and institutional interests, since there were three invoices, which at the date of verification were pending payment. The amount of the aforementioned documents amounted to approximately G. 9,647 million, on which interest calculations should be made.


The CGR also reported that the contracting by way of exception 32/20, “Acquisition of biomedical equipment due to urgent urgency for the contingency against the Corona Virus for the IPS” – ID 382247 for G. 4,740 million.

Item number 1 was awarded to the firm “Asunción Comunicaciones SA” for G. 1,560 million VAT included. Items 2 and 3 were awarded to the firm Solumedic SA for G. 3,180 million VAT included.

In the minutes of opening of offers it was evidenced that the schedule consigned for carrying out the administrative acts of reception of envelopes of offers and the opening of the same, were not carried out in the order established in the current legal regulations, that is, the act He says that while the offers were being received, they were already being opened. The IPS did not send the guarantee of faithful performance of the contract that the firm Solumedic SA had to present at the time of signing the contract.

The IPS did not present evidence of having requested from the successful bidder the guarantee of faithful performance of the contract.

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