Comptroller General promotes training sessions for public servants

Through the Institute of Advanced Studies of Fiscal Control and State Audit, the Office of the Comptroller General of the Republic successfully gave the workshop on the Development of Effective Competences in Institutional Public Management.

The activity was directed by Licdo. Somar Toro, who presented to more than 90 officials of the Highest Comptroller Body, relevant aspects in the legal framework of public management and its fundamental processes, strategic planning, results-based budgeting, financial management, program and project management, as well as the tools for effective monitoring and evaluation.

Likewise, techniques were taught to apply storytelling in the workplace, with the purpose of generating effective, efficient and attractive communication that captures and connects with the emotions of human beings, through narration.

It should be noted that storytelling is the captivating narrative of events, with a final message that leaves a learning or concept. The goal is to cause an effect on the people who listen, see or read.

In the same order of ideas, this ongoing training session is aimed at employees in order to acquire skills, knowledge and attitudes for the proper performance of their duties.

“In the Highest Fiscal Control Body, the final objective is to analyze training by competencies based on existing theory, in order to characterize the factors that make it possible to ensure people, an ideal performance, within the framework of their training. professional”, highlighted the facilitator Toro.

The Institute of Higher Studies of Fiscal Control and State Audit, maintains its commitment to constant learning, committed to continuing to provide quality training to public servants of the country, in order to strengthen the National System of Fiscal Control and the fight against corruption, says a press release from the Comptroller General of the Republic.


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