Comptroller assures that growth of the state payroll is the lowest compared to past administrations

Despite the complaints and denunciations about the inflation of the state payroll during the administration of President Laurentino Cortizo, on the afternoon of this Monday, August 1, the Comptroller of the Republic Gerardo Solís assured that, “the current government has slowed down the growth of payroll” and that in the two previous administrations the increase in civil servants and spending on employees was much greater than today.

In his comparative explanation, Solís highlighted that during the administration after the previous one, the payroll grew 21% in person and 51% in money; but the previous government the payroll grew 16% and in money 61%, while in the current Cortizo Cohen administration the increase has been 5.0% in people and in money 13%.

He added that the State payroll as of December of last year was 260,838 public servants and cost B/. 411 million 899 balboas, currently the payroll is 256,579 public servants and costs B/. 409 million 719 thousand balboas, which represents less than 1.7%, that is to say that the payroll was reduced by almost 2 people per 100 officials who are working in the State.

The Comptroller explained that the growth of the payroll is attributed to the fulfillment of the obligations generated by special laws of the different government entities, which have a considerable impact on the state payroll.

In the year 2021, the state payroll was for an amount of B/. 4 thousand 738.6 million balboas according to a report from the Comptroller General of the Republic where it is highlighted that overdue benefits have been paid.

The payroll, without the commitments of special laws, had a moderate and reasonable increase, while with special laws it reflected an increase due to commitments of legal obligations.

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