Complaints for counterfeiting $100,000 bills grow

Complaints for counterfeiting $100,000 bills grow

Given several complaints made by some accounts on social networks about a possible forgery of the $100,000 bill, identified with the AA42661883 series, the Banco de la República reported that no counterfeit coin of that denomination has been identified with that series.

Faced with the possibility of counterfeiting, the entity reiterated the importance of validating the authenticity of monetary species and thus avoid being a victim of this scourge.

The banknotes of the new family share the same security technology that is supported by several easy verification elements; Some of them are security tape, watermark, matching images and image with color change and motion effect.


These are the five keys to recognize the authenticity of Colombian banknotes:

• Look: observe the images and colors of the ticket

• I touched: perceive to the touch the high relief in some images and texts

• I raised: hold the bill up to the light and discover images

• Rotate: watch color change and motion effects as you turn the bill

• Check: observe fluorescence using ultraviolet light lamps and check microtexts using a magnifying glass

The $100 thousand pesos bill, which has been in circulation since March 31, 2016, has characteristics that allow its verification, such as its dimensions: 66 mm X 153 mm, green as the predominant color, the image of President Carlos Lleras Restrepo next to the barranquero bird and the flower of the “seven leather” on the obverse. The reverse highlights the Cocora Valley in Quindío and the wax palm, our national tree.


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