Complaints continue about a "political and judicial persecution" against Cristina

Complaints continue about a “political and judicial persecution” against Cristina

Leaders and groups supported Cristina Fernández de Kirchner.

Leaders and political spaces that make up the Frente de Todos (FDT) once again denounced the existence of “political and judicial persecution” against Vice President Cristina Fernández de Kirchner, in the context of the trial of the case that is being followed for the alleged targeting of the public works in Santa Cruz between 2003 and 2015, and that has the former president as accused along with 12 other people.

On Wednesday, in the second day of allegations of the Public Ministry, Referents and officials of the ruling party expressed their solidarity with the head of the Senateafter the federal prosecutor Diego Luciani advanced that he will accuse the defendants of “illicit association”.

The head of the bench of deputies of the FdT, German Martinezasserted that “there is a judicial political persecution against Cristina Kirchner”, and warned: “We are not willing to political persecution”, Martínez said in statements to AM 750.

Likewise, the group La Cámpora published a short 33-second video with images of the massive march in April 2016, when Cristina Kirchner went to the courts of Comodoro Py for the first time to testify for other causes.

The audiovisual material of the political group concludes with the legend “If they touch Cristina …” and in the background a song of the militancy is heard.

In the same vein, the deputy and general secretary of the CTA, Hugo Yaskypointed out: “We are not going to remain with our arms crossed if the judicial oligarchy decides to go against Cristina Kirchner”, in radio statements.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Justice and Human Rights, Martin Soriaconsidered, in statements to Radio Nacional, that “the prosecutors (in this trial) seem like TN and LN+ journalists” and that “they are more concerned with labeling the vice president and Néstor Kirchner than showing evidence that truly implicates them in some way. crime”.

In his turn, the Deputy Minister of Justice, John Martin Mena, warned that “as long as we have a justice administration system that works as it is, all Argentines are at risk, not just Cristina. We go two days of allegations and not a single piece of evidence was exposed, ”she criticized.

the national senator oscar parrilli He insisted that “‘lawfare’ is not only intended to persecute and eliminate opposition political leaders from the political scene, but also has the objective of carrying out policies against the popular majorities, such as military coups at the time They were the instrument to get rid of political leaders who opposed it.”

The national Justicialist Party (PJ), chaired by Alberto Fernández, posted on its Twitter account: “The persecution of those who defend the interests of the people is nothing new in the history of our country. We need honest and independent justice from the powers that be.”

In statements to Télam Radio, the Argentine ambassador to the OAS, Carlos Raimundiaffirmed that “the current method of persecution seems different from military coups, it seems less cruel, more institutionalized because it is through the judges, journalists and the mental colonization that is attempted on a part of the population”, but “You still have to be alert” and be “side by side” with the vice president.

Sabina Frederickhead of the White Helmets, expressed solidarity on social networks with the vice president “in the face of this new onslaught of the (per) Judicial Power against him, against everything he represents for the Argentine people.”

In FM La Patriada, the social leader miracle room He stated: “Cristina’s is impressive. The judicial table does not stop. We have to defend democratic justice, not the one that today belongs to a political party”.

“Defending Cristina is defending democracy. The anti K are the ones who destroyed the country and should be in prison, and yet they are the ones who are on the street today, the ones who want to tell you how to lead the country and criticize you, “she added.

Also the referent of the Group of Priests in Option for the Poor, father Edward de la Sernapointed out: “Unfortunately, if there is something in which I believe absolutely nothing, it is in the Argentine Judicial Power at this time.”

“For this reason, Cristina can be condemned and be more transparent than Mother Teresa of Calcutta,” said de la Serna.

In his turn, the Brazilian senator, president of the Human Rights Commission of the Senate, Humberto Costa, stated: “We are very concerned about the ‘lawfare’ against Cristina.”

“We already know about the use of the Judiciary for political reasons and we are convinced that Cristina is honest and has our full support,” he told FM La Patriada radio.

In response to the judicial process, the Buenos Aires Senior Adults group will hold a demonstration on Friday at 12 noon in Hipólito Yrigoyen and Entre Ríos (CABA), in favor of the Vice President under the slogan that “the judicial party, the concentrated media and the fierce opposition seek to ban Cristina, remove her from the national political scene.

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