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Complaints by the CNDH and INE for electoral issues are admitted in the Court

Eduardo Murillo

Newspaper La Jornada
Wednesday December 14, 2022, p. 8

Minister Norma Lucía Piña Hernández admitted for processing the constitutional controversies presented by the National Electoral Institute (INE) and the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH), in which they are accused of invading their legal spheres, after the latter body Autonomous expressed his opinion in favor of the electoral reform.

However, the highest court denied the suspension of the claimed acts requested by both parties.

The first controversy is 235/2022, filed by the CNDH to challenge the statement issued by the INE on October 30, where it states that the commission has an express constitutional prohibition to intervene in issues of an electoral nature.

It points out that the president of the INE, Lorenzo Córdova, and the councilor Ciro Murayama made statements in which they affirmed that the CNDH does not have powers to defend the political rights of citizens, being inaccurate that the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States so provides.

In its request, the CNDH asks the SCJN to suspend the act claimed, but Minister Piña refused this request.

Derived from reading the statement of claim and annexes, the act that is the subject of the controversy and the particular circumstances and characteristics of the case, sufficient elements do not emerge to grant the suspension.indicates the agreement published by the SCJN.

In response to this controversy, the INE also filed its own, which was registered under number 239/2022, in which it challenges the CNDH’s general recommendation 46/2022, where it takes a position in favor of electoral reform, stating that recommends the transformation of the people to democracy.

In this case, the electoral body sued the SCJN that the CNDH remove the general recommendation and the pronouncements from its website, stating that insults the electoral function of the INE, violates its autonomy with a clear intention to discredit and discredit it, and promotes electoral reforms that are intended to reduce it and cause distrust among citizens.

It also requests that the Court prohibit the CNDH from issuing any other pronouncement on electoral matters. that violates the constitutional order and invades the powers of the INE.

Since both parties’ requests for suspension were rejected, none of their statements will be withdrawn until the plenary session of the SCJN resolves both constitutional controversies.

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