Complacent prosecutor for the Cartes mega-laundering

Osmar Legal and Liliana Alcaráz, who handled cases such as that of Darío Messer or the Itaipú debt, will be at the forefront of the Cartes mega-laundering investigation. Will a soft and complacent Prosecutor’s Office be seen again?

After the information from the Secretariat for the Prevention of Money and Asset Laundering (Seprelad) was released, detailing the money laundering mega-scheme developed by the Cartes Group, the prosecutor Osmar Legal had declared that they would not carry out investigations based on that data. , because it does not coincide with the fiscal file they have.

In this way, it is not possible to speak of greater expectations or hopes regarding a resolution of the case, since Legal also clarified that no accusations will be made because the fiscal investigation must be well elaborated and well-founded if it is to be charged.

In this regard, the social activist and president of the Coordinator of Lawyers of Paraguay and the organization Somos Anticorrupción, Esther Roa, pointed directly against the prosecutor Liliana Alcaraz, highlighting that she is the representative of the Public Ministry with the highest possibilities of cooling the investigation against the mega laundering of the Cartes Group.

Complacent prosecutor for the Cartes mega-laundering

Esther Roa

“Since the Specialized Unit for Economic Crimes was created, prosecutor Alcaráz is in charge of the department and the area never worked as it should. So I make her responsible for the deterioration of that institution, ”she said, adding that, in any case, the State Attorney General is the head and therefore directly responsible.

As for the prosecutor Osmar Legal, the lawyer classified him as an agent of the Public Ministry with “his lights and his shadows”, emphasizing that if he does not carry out a detailed investigation into mega-money laundering, the trust placed so far in the prosecutor could be affected.

Continuing with the representative of the Public institution, Roa mentioned that Legal should explain why he finds inconsistencies between the data published by Seprelad and the fiscal folder they have from the investigative unit.

“The differences that I find between both prosecutors is that Alcaráz has been with the Specialized Unit for Economic Crimes since the opening of the Specialized Unit for Economic Crimes, with meager results, and Legal has not been in the department for so long and according to citizen control, he came to make accusations,” I observe.

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