Fuel reference prices drop to 7.58% and "should be reflected" in the country, says Opecu

Companies will share fuel supplies to meet national demand

Despite the fact that there are long queues at the taps due to an alleged shortage of LPG, the Vice Minister of Hydrocarbons of the (Minem), Juan Sánchez, ratified this Tuesday that “there is no fuel shortage in the country” and that the companies will share their production so that the demand throughout the country is met.

He indicated that this Tuesday a working meeting was convened with officials from Minem, Osinergmin, the state-owned company Petroperú and the private companies Repsol and Valero Perú.

All the supplier companies that were present agreed to share their stocks of their storage for any that are needed and the national demand is met. Then it is restored because the fuels are already in movement through the ships”, Sánchez referred on TV Peru.

He also mentioned that in the last hours the situation of the closed ports, due to the strong waves, has normalized.

The Talara and Callao terminals have already been reopened, which is making it possible to normalize the supply of hydrocarbons from the main refineries in the country. Fuel is already being unloaded and loaded”, he pointed out.

In that sense, the Vice Minister of Hydrocarbons added: “In Peru there is no shortage of fuel and we ratify that there will be no restrictions for National Holidays. There is fuel to meet the national demand”.

As a measure for the future, Sánchez commented that the meeting discussed the future implementation of the Fuel Inventory Agency (ACI), proposed by the Executive through a bill recently approved by the Congress of the Republic and that it will have the task of managing, administering and disposing of the fuel storage infrastructure.


The increase in the price of bread and gasoline worries families who see their pockets affected. The transport sector is one of the most suffering and drivers react in this way.

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