Compagnon broke his silence after a legal conflict with Dávalos and confirmed his distance from former president Bachelet

Natalia Compagnon, after her separation from Sebastián Dávalos, has spoken to the media for the first time and has admitted that the break has also meant a distance with the family of former President Michelle Bachelet.

Compagnon had been silent since the “Caval Case” broke out in 2015, which involved a lucrative real estate deal in Machalí. At the end of 2022, he filed a lawsuit against his ex-husband for the alimony owed to his two children.

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In addition, María José Cordero, Dávalos’s current partner, filed a legal action to evict the house in La Reina where Compagnon lives with her children and her mother. This situation was revoked on February 4.

Now, in an interview with the revived CARAS magazine, which will be published next Monday, April 3, Compagnon declared: “I have not had any relationship with them (the Bachelet family), neither with Sebastián’s mother nor with the sisters. ties were completely severed. We no longer see each other on Sundays, or at Christmas or New Years.”

Compagnon also explained why he hadn’t filed a lawsuit earlier: “I didn’t want it to end badly, that’s why I didn’t sue him sooner, because I knew he could rebound on his mother. I always managed as best I could and kept quiet until my children were touched. “.

Regarding her relationship with Michelle Bachelet, Compagnon stated: “Our relationship did not survive either. Since the Caval case, we have never spoken again. She did not get involved and went on with her life. I did not seek to talk and neither did she. We both kept our distance The one that had to be protected was her, and that’s what was done.”

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