Community members set fire to facilities in Las Bambas

Community members set fire to facilities in Las Bambas

An undetermined number of residents of Huancuire (Apurímac), workers of the Las Bambas mining company and police officers, were injured last Wednesday afternoon, after a new confrontation was registered in the vicinity of the Charcascocha camp.

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The event was recorded in the Challcobamba sector, currently occupied by community members in protestwho would not have reacted well to the entry of workers from Las Bambas, accompanied by police, to one of the local wastewater plants, which urgently needed maintenance.

According to Las Bambas, after almost 50 days of blockade, the sludge from the treatment plant they had to be evacuated by specialist technicians, this in order not to generate an overflow and environmental damage, which is why they would have decided to reach this part surrounded by community members.

Another theory is the one held by Alexander Angleslawyer of the peasant community of Huancuirewho mentions that his clients acted in this way due to an operation without permission that the Police intended to carry out at the scene.

“There was a police intervention in the Challcobamba area and it generated a confrontation that left an injured by pellet and tear gas, we do not know what is the reason for this intervention by the Dinoes. They cannot carry out any eviction without judicial permission.” he pointed.

He also mentioned that this confrontation is ‘fair’ when they tried to give a positive response to the invitation of the Presidency of the Council of Ministers to a dialogue without blocking roads or taking over land belonging to the mining company.

It was learned that part of the facilities of this camp were set on fire and that the injured are being referred to different health centers and the most serious are referred to hospitals in the region.

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