Community Boards are trained on accountability

The Comptroller’s Office, for the first time in history, is demanding accountability from the Community Boards of all the funds that have been assigned to them.

In order for it to be done in accordance with the provisions of the guide drawn up by the institution, meetings are required to transfer skills and knowledge to the representatives, so that they present an acceptable and transparent accountability report, which contains all the detailed information, such as as is being done with all the 679 Community Boards.

These coordinations are carried out in accordance with the rules and procedures covered by Law 32 of 1984, and modified by Law 351 of 2022, explained the director of Inspection Marino Palacios, following the tradition of the Culture of Correctness implemented by the comptroller Gerardo Solís.

The deputy director of accountability, Emanuel Ayala, clarified that “we are not in the audit stage, but in the stage of demanding accountability to review, examine and rule on their correctness or incorrectness.”

He added, the Deputy Director of Accountability, Emanuel Ayala, who is within the framework of the Law and regulations of the Comptroller General of the Republic, attend to the queries of those responsible for accountability, so that they are complete.

For this reason, the circular issued on June 14, 2023, has the telephone number of the Deputy Director of Accountability, to clarify any doubts.

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